Friday, 3 February 2012

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Johnron Tañada Comes To Terms As HIV

Reconnaissance Productions on its initial offering proudly presents Hawla (Cage)  an upcoming moving indie film by Paul Singh Cudail that tackles on the suffering of an HIV carrier as portrayed by seasoned indie film actor Johnron Tañada as Harry. Harry's struggle after learning he has contracted the disease unfolds the drama of breaking away from the stigma of his kinky days. Will Harry be able to overcome the past that hunts him - a cage of his own making? Will he be able to set himself free from the hurdles of judgment?

Johnron rehearsing for his next scene on his first day shoot for Hawla
With the intention to get enlightened with the dreaded HIV, Paul Singh Cudail will also reveal in this film the passion and pain that couples the travails in life of Harry as an AIDS victim. Also in support cast are Dice Vergara (Robbie), Rain Soliman (Chris), Carla Varga (Berna), Erik Tungan (Jasper) and Brad Laurente introducing Francis Cabral (Brix). Special participation by Mygz Molino (Ethan), Ian Ileto, Keirvin Lozano, and Babajee.

Target Run                                            4th week of March 2012
Description & Genre                              Pink Movie, Sexy Drama
Short Synopsis                                      
Harry never thought his past encounters as  he was used to be a callboy will hound him down to present. Now that he has found a new lease of career in Call Center, a harrowing discovery faces him - he has been tested HIV+ - he suspected a certain Tattoo Man infected him. Thereon his struggle begins and the rest is his choice - to live in acceptance or a life of being caged as an HIV carrier.